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Are you looking to improve the ranking on your Google My Business page?
Google Local/Google Maps/My Business pages have been around for many years now. Here is Google’s clear guidelines for how they rank these listings:

Ensure business address is listed correctly in Google Maps
Link to your authoritative website from your My Business Page
Completely fill in all information on your My Business Page
List your business name, address and phone number on the page
Encourage customers to review your business

The odds are that you have searched for how to rank your My Business page. Along the way, you may have landed on some blog posts discussing the above guidelines. The further you study, the less you want to do this without help. You are after all a business owner and your time is better spent on the running of your daily operations.

That’s where A39 come in. Our Google My Business services take the job off your hands. See the details below. If you have any questions regarding our this or anything else we offer please contact us.

A39 GMB package

If you’re seriously interested in improving your My Business rankings, this package is made for you. We’ll add citations, and optimise your page.

Google Local
Add Business Listings
Business Listings Clean Up
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Frequently Asked Questions



Question – What does business listing clean up mean?
Google has stated in their GMB support area that all businesses need to establish an accurate presence across the web on third party websites. Here is a screenshot direct from their GMB support area which talks about establishing a strong and accurate presence on the web.

How to GMB

If you have changed business names, phone numbers or addresses, we’ll find all those listings. From there we will request to update each of those listings up to four times. If after the fourth try we are unsuccessful, we will not pursue any further as the directory owner is deemed unresponsive.

Question – What are the website recommendations you will make?
We often work with clients whose websites need some changes to be made to improve their GMB pages rankings. We will look at how well optimised the home or landing page is, which is linked to your GMB page. We’ll also look to make sure your business name, address and phone number are listed clearly on your website.

Question – What if I don’t have a GMB page already?
If you don’t have a GMB page listing already setup, we can take care of that for you. We’ll create your page and add all the necessary business details.

Question – What if my GMB page is claimed by someone else?
We can walk you through the steps to claim the page and make any changes needed.

Question – I want my GMB page to rank in the top 3 in cities I am not physically located in. Is that possible?
Since Google wants to provide users with closely located businesses, the answer is no. In some cases we have seen businesses rank high in cities they are not physically located in, but we have not seen these businesses rank in the top there. READ THIS POST ON PROXIMITY for more clarification. You can also use our Geo location SEO strategy to rank an organic page for a city your business is not physically located in.

Question – What country does my business have to be located in to sign up?
As of this moment we are only working with businesses located in the United Kingdom.

Question – How long will it take to improve my rankings?
This is a difficult question to answer for a few reasons. At the top of this page we have stated a few factors that Google looks at when ranking the GMB results. Depending on those factors, the city you are located in and how many competitors you have, it can take anywhere from 3-8 months.

Question – Will my GMB page rank in the top 3?
We do not guarantee top 3 results, but you will see an increase in rankings and visibility.