How It Works

We do things the way they’re meant to be done – nice and easy, with the customer in mind.


How our process works.


To give you a brief overview of how the process works here at A39 Web Design, please read over the following.

    1. We will discuss with you to get a rough idea what features your website needs when you contact us, we will then create a demo site for you to see what your site might look like.
      You can see a standard demonstration site HERE to see a site with most features.
    2. We will come back to you to discuss your site with you, what you like and what you dislike.
    3. We will ask you to complete a form for us. Don’t worry, it’s not complicated. It just allows us to get the necessary information from you to get us started and personalise your website, (business logo, contact information etc). You can complete the form online HERE
    4. Once we have this information from you, we will take the initial payment and commence building your website.
    5. Once the website is complete to your satisfaction and you agree for it to go live, We will take your initial months investment, You can see what you are getting for your ongoing investment HERE, and you have up to an hour of design work available free of charge in the first month to tweak it to your satisfaction.
      If you need more than an hour of work done, then we can discuss this at the time, We are not ogres, we want you to be happy with your new site.
      Content changes after the first month can be carried out yourself at any time using the back office supplied. We will be happy to give you guidance in this.
      We will also carry out content changes for you for an hourly rate of £10 for the first hour each month, subsequent hours in the same month will be charged at £25 an hour. Unused time will not carry over into the next month unless agreed by us in advance. (most changes will not take more than an hour)
    6. You will be provided with a technical specifications document that will have your new website details on it, like logins, usernames and passwords etc. It is your responsibility to keep this document safe and updated if you change any of the details yourself.

The development of your website is a joint effort.


It’s super important that you understand that the development of your website is a JOINT EFFORT.

This means, both of us working together. If you don’t get the content to us (photos, logos etc) then we can’t build your website – it’s as simple as that.

Joint Effort
Oh, and don’t worry about getting every single piece of wording for each page exactly right, because that’s not necessary.
Once your website is finished, you can login and update it yourself, (Don’t worry, we will help you with that too) or let us do it for you.


Why should you trust us with your site?

Because we care, we have been in the industry for a long time and we originally got into this business because we were fed up with the way we were treated as customers.

We had ideals that we aspired to then as a customer and we still aspire to those same ideals today as a business.
We treat our customers as we would expect to be treated ourselves, after all without you we wouldn’t have a business.