3. I have seen hosting for free, Why should I settle on you?
3. I have seen hosting for free, Why should I settle on you?

Your monthly investment includes the hosting, it is not a hosting fee, that is a very small part of it.


    1. We also provide you with a site tailored to your business.


    1. We monitor your site and keep it safe from all the nasty things that can happen to a site on the web.


    1. The hosting and site are tailored to fit with each other like a glove.We have 24/7 contact with our servers and technicians to ensure we provide you with the hosting service your business deserves.The hosting we use is not the usual cloud shared hosting you might get from other providers, we know that it is wrong to cut corners on the main basis of your site.Your site can be the best in the world but if the hosting is slow or keeps letting you down what’s the point?


    1. Each site, once created, is introduced to all of the major search engines and are created with layouts and content rules that the search engines like to see.


    1. We provide you with the domain name of your choice (subject to availability) and pay for the renewal each year


    1. We update software and hardware as required so your site maintains the best quality to reflect your business.


    1. All of our sites are secure sites protected by an SSL certificate to give your customers the confidence to do business with you.


    1. You also get unlimited, domain based, email addresses, just send us a support ticket and we’ll do all the work for you.


In summary, You are paying us the price of a cheap cup of coffee a day to completely provide you with a web presence that you can be proud of. We promise to keep your site in secure, professional, high end hosting and in tip top condition.

Updating and Maintaining software and hardware, Providing daily backups, Daily maintenance, Domain name provision and renewal free of charge.


All coupled with a support system that enables you to contact someone who knows what they are talking about and who actually cares about your online presence, tell us your desire and leave it to us.


How much are you paying for advertising at the moment? Think how many people look for a service such as yours on the internet daily


Where else are you going to reach the amount of people who are on the internet for such a small amount?

You will be able to use your web address on your printed media and have as many individual, secure, email addresses as you require and all in the professional format of yourname@yourbusiness.com (or .co.uk or whatever you choose) (subject to availability of course).


These email addresses can be checked and used anywhere you have internet access using a standard web browser.


Add the fact that each site has a FREE SSL Certificate and if that’s not worth buying us a cheap cup of coffee I don’t know what is.

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